Mozilla Festival 2015

What to exspect

Mozfest So this year at the Mozilla Festival 2015 we are heavily involved in the Youth Element and youth engagement and interaction to encourage involvement within the Mozilla project, from my experience at Mozilla festival 13(MozFest) you was not encouraged to participate and was frowned upon and looked at (why are you here this is not your type of event).
form MozFest 14 youth element was heavily engaged and well supported so following example this year is should be BIGGER and better
MozFest 2015 London embedding young people at its heart, we collectively want to see more youths taking center stage and being leaders in sessions.

Next Steps

ended Youth Mozilla (YoMo) into Mozilla festival structure.
"the future of the web is in our Young Peoples hand let protect it NOW" -- Stefan Costen Mozilla rep and Community manager for Youth Mozilla

What to Expect from MozFest

Since my first mozfest back in 2013 I have managed to walk away from the event 1. alive and 2. have at least learned something new whether it is something about Mozilla / the community or another aspect for example last year (mozfest 14) they had something completely different and was somewhat unexpected Lock Picking...
I've never been to a tech event were there has been lock picking so I assumed it had nothing to do with Mozilla, In fact I was completely wrong, Ping locks promote being open and free no having your choices locked down, so infect Mozfest was the perfect place for lock picking as it shows the Mozilla mission in a new light I suppose what I'm trying to say is anything will and can happen at mozfest and it is truly a place where you can build your dreams.