Mozilla Festival 2014

The Mozilla Festival (or MozFest for short) is a place where you can become part of Mozilla, a place were you are able to prototype something that dose not exist Friday morning but shall exists by Sunday evening.

Hay so last weekend in London The annual MozFest took place. We completely sold out for the event, we had Over 1700 guests in a day. there was mayhem everywhere we walked. Us Volunteers were invisible kept in the shadow, but were easy to find if someone needed something.
And of course it wouldn't be MozFest without the famous group photo.

This MozFrest was my first year being involved with the running of the event and I am pleased  to say won't be my last I will be back every year as the Festival grows bigger and better than the year before

I want to thank everyone who attended the festival, everyone who helped run the Mozilla Festival for there support in keeping it running. One of My favourite moments was when I was the Fox yes that's right I got to dress up as the Mozilla mascot Foxy.
all the images for this years MozFest can be found here :Photos From MozFest 14
(Video and images under source licence)